How long is the registration good for? registration is a one time fee, giving you access to the program all the time. No renewals, no extra charges. What you see is what you get.

Is there a limit to how many tags I can print?

One registration, unlimited jukebox labels. When you sign up for an account with you will have access to print unlimited tags with no restrictions.

Why can't I select tags, colors or anything else on the page?

If you are going on step two and clicking on the different fields doesn't seem to work, make sure you have your javascript turned on. To turn it on go to your browsers options. In IE it would be under "Internet Options". Go to the "Security" tab. From here add as one of your trusted sites and allow javascript. In Firefox, go to Tools->Options. From here go to the Content tab and check off Enable Javascript. This will allow you to dynamically select values and set defaults for tags, fonts, and font colors.

What is the best type of paper to print the tags on?

You can print the tags on any type of paper. For best results, however, try using card stock (the type you can print your own greeting cards on).

Can I get this program on cd instead of using it online?

Unfortunately, since this program is created by a web-based programming language and relies on a database to retrieve information this program can not be put on CD. We understand our competitors offer a Microsoft word program on CD, but if you compare the two we are sure you will see the difference in quality, support, and ease of use. is registered for 10 years (the max we could register), so we are going no where. Join us in total confidence.

How come "Invalid Tag Selected" comes up as a tag?

If you see "Invalid Tag Selected" as a tag that is displayed after step 2 it means an invalid tag was selected as an option in step two. Most likely you tried typing in a value for the "Select Tag Look" field for that tag and misspelled the tag name. To make it easier and to avoid this problem we added a drop down with all tag choices directly below the option, just click on the "Choose A Tag" link and a box will open. Or, go to the right and set a default for all the tags.

I'm trying to login and it won't let me. What do I do?

First off, make sure you entered your email & your password correctly. Password are only letters and/or numbers so if you put in a random character besides letters or numbers you will get an error message.

If you login, but after you log in you can't access the rest of the site, or you see the demo jukebox tag program, you may need to allow to give a cookie. What the cookie from does is stores your user id on you computer, which acts like a key to enter areas in which you need to be registered for. To allow to give a cookie, follow these steps:

  • For IE (Internet Explorer): Go to the "Tools" option up top. Select "Internet Options" from the Tools list. From here click on the "Privacy" tab. About half way down the window, you will see a "Sites" button on the left. Click this and enter into the "Address of website:" field, then click "Allow". From here you should be set.
    "Tools"->"Internet Options"->"Privacy"->"Sites"->"Address of site:"->"Allow"
  • For FireFox: Go to the "Tools" option up top. Select "Options..." from the Tools list. From here click on the "Privacy" tab. About half way down the window, you will see a "Exceptions" button on the right. Click this and enter into the "Address of web site:" field, then click "Allow". From here you should be set.
    "Tools"->"Options"->"Privacy"->"Exceptions"->"Address of site:"->"Allow"

If you continue to have problems, use the contact us form and let us know.

When I go to print out my next sheet of labels, the old ones show up. What's happening?

Well, for the most part we have already taken care of any problems with this and it should most likely not be a problem for you. If, however you find the same labels you did prior are being displayed, trying using Internet Explorer or Firefox. For some unknown reason, AOL browsers tend to cause this problem.

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